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The Society is a 501(c)(3) religious organization whose purpose is to make its ideals known and carry out its sacred, eternal mission.

The Society has its historical roots in Religious Humanism, Religious Transhumanism, and The Society for Venturism, and continues their belief in reason inspired by love for humanity and the practical quest for a better life for all.

We maintain that important problems which may seem impossible to address through reasoning and science can indeed be addressed in this manner. We hold critical reasoning and the scientific method in general as the authentic source of knowledge and truth and as the foundation of valuable practice.

We hold that religion is the deepest response to the most important and meaningful concerns of life. As such true religion requires us to purify ourselves from belief in superstition and the supernatural so that we may best pursue all our highest hopes, including perfect bliss, eternal life, and the divine.

We dedicate ourselves to improving ourselves continually. We believe that humans can transcend their current natures in the material world by directing their own evolution and discovering emergent states and modes of being greater than what has ever been achieved or found possible.

We support the material eradication of aging, disease, and death. We also support the development, in ourselves and all persons, of superior intelligence and wisdom, higher ethical capacity, higher baseline levels of meaningful happiness, and enhanced physical capacities. We support the ascension of all persons to forms that may be described as divine.

We believe that the distinctive essence or “soul” of an individual person can be considered informational in nature. We believe that through its associated information the soul can survive what is presently considered death if the information itself is physically preserved. We believe that in the future, with the advancement of biological and computational science and medical technology, this information will make it possible to restore a person to a living state.

We commit ourselves to being preserved informationally after legal death, for example, by hypothermic biostasis. We solemnly dedicate ourselves to resuscitating or reviving all those who have already been or will be preserved. We believe that all persons -- rich or poor, wherever they live in the world -- should have such opportunities.

We also believe that one day it will be possible, through sufficiently advanced science and technology, to restore to life all persons who have ever lived, whether they had been preserved or not. This belief is called universal immortalism. The process could involve recreating lost information in such systematic fashion that eventually every lost person is recovered and restored. We solemnly dedicate ourselves to helping to make this universal resurrection possible, and to bringing it about whenever and however it becomes possible.

We strive to live ever more meaningful and ethical lives of love, compassion, tolerance, and informed appreciation of the world and sentient beings; to maximize and enhance the good qualities in our natures, while minimizing or eliminating the bad ones, such as hatred, jealousy, envy, or closed-mindedness.

We aim continually to grow and improve ourselves as individuals and as communities. We believe we have a responsibility to improve both our own lives, and the overall welfare of the entire community of life. We seek to help one another live healthy lives and prosper in our states of mind and the circumstances of our lives. We seek to form an open, friendly, and supportive overall community. We enact ceremonies, conducted by qualified celebrants, to accompany important events that may occur in our lives and our communities.

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